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Voice Lessons

Kim and Wes Janzen, are delighted to invite you to be part of 3 free group voice lessons.

Who?  Children, youth, adults, seniors. A group setting is friendly, supportive, non-threatening.  Imagine a parent with a child, a spouse with spouse, a friend with friend, a grandparent with a grandchild.  Or come on your own.

Where?  At the church, in the sanctuary, in a spread-out semi-circle.

What?  We will cover in a very physical participatory way; healthy, relaxed breathing and air flow, relaxation and best placement of jaw, tongue, larynx and more, and beauty and strength of sound.  The first-week lesson will logically flow into the second and third weeks.

Why?  Perhaps you want to encourage and bless someone by bringing them with you!  We’ll make this fun - therapeutic - healthy.  Perhaps you are experienced and wish to have a well-informed refresher. Your instructors are well qualified. Perhaps you would enjoy a physical group activity.  Singing well is an athletic event. Perhaps you just want to explore something more deeply, or in a new way. A group lesson is perfect for these. Perhaps you are inspired to improve a skill. Did you know that “sing” is one of the most often repeated commands in the Bible?

When?  Three Wednesdays; March 22, 29, April 5, 3:00-3:50,.  This time allows school kids to participate, plenty of time to get home for dinner before it gets dark.  Prior to each lesson please do a thoughtful self evaluation of your personal health and those close to you.  If you or they have any cold or flu like symptoms, even small, kindly do not come.

What to bring?  Another participating person? Your God given voices.  Strong string or twine at least 4 feet long.  A hand-held mirror, so you can clearly see inside your mouth. Water to drink. A willingness to learn and participate.  At the end of each lesson you will receive some exercises to practise.

What to expect?  You will experience release of tension, greater freedom and relaxation, greater lung capacity, improved breath control, increased vocal strength and resonance.  You will be active and singing.  If you need to sit at any time that’s perfectly fine. In the first lesson we will use “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us,” and you will use this song for home practice. In the second week we add another song, “Love Divine.”  You will learn and sound better. You will grow in confidence. You will bless others."